Railway Track Mechanic jobs in New Zealand


Railway Track Mechanic jobs in New Zealand. The principal of renowned company Accurate Infrastructure Solution LTD. offers more than 20 positions of Railway Track Mechanics on urgent basis. The job is based on a contract of 3 years and after that renewed on the performance of an employee.

However, our company hires urgent people for New Zealand who are having experience in Railway Track and related things. Also, the process of recruitment is free and no placement will be charged for recruitment. Moreover, candidate must have good communication skills in English language. Therefore, the selection/ hiring of candidates are open nowadays.

Job Title:
Railway Track Mechanic

Salary Package:
$30 New Zealand Dollars per hour.

No of Positions:
There are more than 20 positions of Railway Track Mechanic jobs in New Zealand.

Age Limit:
The age of candidates must be 25 years or above.

Firstly, bring up at least vocational diploma in related field and having 3 years of working experience in field. Also, performs inspection, testing, installation & repair wide range of electrical power apparatus associated with a 25kV AC overhead traction system with Rail Standards. Moreover, undertake isolating & earthing overhead traction system. Furthermore, candidates must know to carry out remedial works to traction network equipment, low & high level. Therefore, company prefers to appoint experienced and skilled employees.

Roles & Responsibilities:
Candidates must perform below roles & responsibilities;

Inspection & maintenance of power supply installation.
Support of all related earthing and holding over the system including, signals, climbing and chipping away at power organize the structure.
Applying earth to and eliminating earth from overhead power gracefully line conductors.
Joining power organize overhead conductors.
Replacing load-bearing shaft equipment in electrical systems.
Installing & replacing system post structures.
Installing overhead traction network conductors.
Apparatus electrical system structures.
Installing cushion & structure mounted electrical hardware.
Installing & replacing aerial bundled conductors and associated line hardware.
All facilities according to New Zealand Labor Law.


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